5 Reasons Why You Should Still Buy an Investment Property
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If you we're thinking of purchasing an investment property prior to the pandemic, don't change your mind just yet. Here's why owning a rental property is still a great idea.

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5 Best Industrial Stocks to Buy in 2021
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Are you considering investing in industrial stocks? These picks are the backbone of our economy and often recession-resistant. Start your research here.
Investing in a College Town Rental Market: Ann Arbor, Michigan
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If you're considering investing in a college town property, there's some considerations you have to take into account. Here's a market report for rental properties in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

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Missing Stimulus Check? – What to Do If You Haven’t Received Payment
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Looking for a missing stimulus check? Learn what to do if you didn’t get pandemic stimulus checks and questions about missing payments.
Coronavirus (COVID-19) Resources for Financial Relief & More
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We have developed a comprehensive list of resources by category. Use this as a guide for navigating these times financially and otherwise.
Create a Productive Apartment Work-From-Home Space | Apartminty
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How to turn almost any area of your apartment into an effective work from home workspace with a few organizational skills and a purchase or two.
4 Types of Safe, High-Yield Investments That Pay Dividends
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Looking for reliable, ongoing investment income? Learn how to find high-yield, safe dividend investments for your portfolio.
13 Ways to Get Out of Debt
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It's so tough to get ahead while you owe other people money. Here's how you fix it.
5 Personal Finance Products To Be Thankful For This Thanksgiving (Especially During COVID-19)
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Nine months into a pandemic, it’s hard to feel grateful. But here are some personal finance products I’m certainly glad exist, since they save me major time and money - especially in these trying times.
Who should (and who shouldn’t) get the Amex Blue Cash Preferred card?
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Editor’s note: This is a recurring post, regularly updated with new information.  Over the past year, the pandemic has drastically shifted how people use their credit cards. Spending on certain travel-related expenses (like airfare) has declined while increased spending on streaming and grocery spending has become almost essential parts of most of our routines. That means …
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