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What is Financial Therapy?
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Financial therapy is a relatively new field that combines the emotional support of a psychologist with the money mindset of a financial planner. Seeing a financial therapist can allow clients to begin to process their underlying feelings about money, while working out plans for retirement, savings, investments and other goals. Financial therapists (sometimes referred to […]

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The 4 Smartest Ways to Cope With a Tax Bill You Can’t Afford
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Discovering that you owe the IRS money is never a good feeling. If you’re staring down a tax bill you can’t afford to pay from 2020, you’re no doubt in good company. Countless people have turned to gig work to survive, which can result in surprise tax bills. Expanded jobless benefits have been a lifeline […]

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What Is Earnings Per Share & How to Calculate It
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Knowing a stock’s earnings per share can be a valuable portfolio benchmarking tool. Think of EPS as GPS for where a public company is on the value map, based on how profitable it has been. What is earnings per share? It’s a ratio arrived at by taking a company’s quarterly or annual net income and […]

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Cash Back vs. Travel Rewards Credit Cards: Which Is Better in 2021?
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Holding a travel credit card during a year of little travel can seem paradoxical at first glance. But, even if you can’t take full advantage of everything these cards offer…
How Long Does a Direct Deposit Take?
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Even with all of the financial tech available at your fingertips, like online banking and mobile apps, it can still be a drag to deposit a check. Whether it’s trying to take a clear photo of the front and back to submit to the bank, which will deposit it pending review, or physically bringing it […]

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Here’s How To Refinance A Mortgage (And Know If It’s Right For You)
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Over the past decade, mortgage refinancing has grown in popularity. Not that big of a surprise, considering we’ve seen a sizable drop in mortgage rates during this time. At the height of the housing crisis in 2008, rates averaged about 6% for a 30-year fixed-rate mortgage . Currently, the average rate for a 30-year fixed […]

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Cash-Out Refinance vs Home Equity Line of Credit
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Cash-out refinances and home equity lines of credit are two borrowing options that allow homeowners to tap into the equity they have built in their home. A HELOC is a line of credit secured by the borrower’s home. The line of credit can be accessed on an as-needed basis, up to the borrowing limit. The […]

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How Much Money Should You Have Saved For Retirement By 40?
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At some point or another, you’ve probably asked yourself, “how much money should I have saved by 40?” It’s a valid question that can be daunting to think about. The good news is you’re probably already saving money for retirement. The bad news is, you might not be saving enough money to retire when you […]

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Get a no-closing-cost mortgage and a low rate, too
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A no-closing-cost refinance or home purchase saves you money upfront But your rate will be higher. Learn when a no-cost mortgage is a good idea.
Pros & Cons of Living Cash-Only
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As the world becomes increasingly cashless, you may wonder if there is any point to carrying cash around at all. The answer depends on your lifestyle and spending habits. Carrying–and paying in–cash, however, can still make sense in many circumstances. Indeed, some financial experts believe that switching to a cash-only system (and moving away from […]

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