February 1, 2021
20 Reversible Home Design Ideas to Instantly Revamp Your Space – Redfin
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Use these 20 reversible home design ideas to revamp and freshen up your living space instantly without leaving a mark.
460: Hear How One Zillow Online Lead Secret can Increase Your Buyer Lead ROI and Much More with Jesse Zagorsky
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Are you looking to increase your online lead ROI and get smarter with your online lead generation? In today's podcast, Jesse Zagorsky shares a Zillow buyer lead secret every agent should be taking advantage of and even gives you the exact script you can use with these leads. Jesse also explains how Realtor.com leads are the closest online leads to sign calls and shares much more to help grow your real estate profits! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices
The Correlation Between COVID and Debt (Hour 1)
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Debt, Career, Savings

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8 Easy Ways to Make a Great Impression in Seconds
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Learning to connect with people quickly is essential to landing new opportunities and building relationships.
Amex Gold cardholders’ new $10 monthly Uber credits starting to post
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Card issuers have been rapidly adjusting to consumers’ changing spending habits by implementing new, limited-time perks during the pandemic. Now, American Express has started rolling out something a little more permanent for new and existing American Express® Gold Card members. Starting last night, Amex Gold cardholders started to see a brand-new benefit appear in their …
The 6 Best Things to Buy in February — and 3 to Avoid
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February sales bring discounts of as much as 75%, but a few purchases should be postponed.
Old Republic’s 4Q results bode well for other title insurers: KBW
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Pretax operating margins came in much narrower than what is projected for the three stand-alone underwriters.
Where to find bank statement loans for self-employed mortgage borrowers
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Bank statement loans can help self-employed mortgage borrowers qualify for a bigger home loan. Here's how to find a safe, low-rate bank statement loan.
Refi Demand Staying Strong Despite Rising Rates
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The current Mortgage Monitor from Black Knight looks at the recent small increases in mortgage rates and their potential impact on home sales. The company says that Treasury yields have been rising with the 10-year up nearly 0.25 percent just since the January 5 Georgia senatorial runoff. While the spread between it and the 30-year mortgage rates absorbed part of the increase , mortgages did subsequently rise by about 1/8 th of a point. The January spike wasn't an isolated event, the 10-year yield had eased up 40 basis points over the last five months of 2020. "Should yields rise further in coming months, they may begin to impact 30-year rates more directly, although the Fed's bond buying efforts are expected to insulate the mortgage market to some degree," the report says. The 1/8 th point...(read more)

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Home Movers Flocked to Decisive Battlegrounds Ahead of 2020 Election—Many Came From Blue States
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The mass movement from liberal metropolises to less crowded locales may be shifting the electoral map.

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