Westchester Recycling Mobile Shredder

Westchester County provides a great free service for the public that more people should take advantage of.  There is a mobile shredder that moves from town to town where you can take up to up to 4 file boxes of personal documents for shredding. This weekend my husband and I decided to take our old files and tax returns and to the mobile shredder truck, which was located at Greenburg Town Hall.    When we arrived there were about 10 cars in front of us, but the line moved quicker than a traffic jam.  Cars pulled up to the truck, opened the trunk, (or back seat) and they took the boxes, dumped them into a large container and then the container was dumped into the shredder.  The whole process took less than 5 minutes which was so much easier than shredding the documents in a home shredder.  The best part about taking it to the recycle center is you don’t have to remove the staples or paperclips!  The mobile shredder moves is located at different towns throughout the county each weekend.   For recycling dates and locations keep this web page handy for the schedule and location of the shredder closest to you.

Posted by:  Sonja Lovas

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