Sutton Manor, New Rochelle

I have always been intrigued in history, the derivation of words, places and who were these wonderful, esteemed and perhaps great personages who carved both their names in history to be made time immortal in having a building, area or street named after them.

As a Realtor in lower Westchester, I have just listed a charming home in the Sutton Manor area of New Rochelle at 197 Farragut Circle. It offers 6 bedrooms, three and a half bathrooms – the half being Realtor speak for a powder room…and is 3567 square feet in size. The backyard is purported to be one of the nicest in the area, and the home has special features such as a semi-enclosed balcony off the master bedroom, an enclosed porch on the first floor as well as a sunroom, office, and a lovely breakfast nook perfect for quiet intimate dinners or a cozy breakfast.

This special enclave is a waterfront community boasting a boat house, mooring rights for a nominal yearly fee, and is as close-knit as any small community can be, helping each other in times of need, coming together for special parties, and in short, embracing life, in the manner that America has always been known for.

Sutton Manor was named after George W. Sutton who was a wealthy real estate developer and also the City Tax Assessor. While he died in 1925, he was responsible for the Sutton Manor, Echo Avenue and the area within the inner harbor of Echo Bay. This area stretched from 85 Decatur Northwest to 144 Echo Avenue, and some of the most influential people of that time lived there. For instance, at 101 Sutton Manor was the home of Charles Griffiths (County GOP Leader) and Lee Parsons Davis (former D.A. & prominent attorney) resided at #114. Then there was Walter Courson who was the Commander of the Larchmont Yacht Club living at #125.

Years earlier, the area was actually part of a farm and development owned by the Davids family who also owned Fort Slocum and Davids Island. Please see my blog on Davids Island

Farragut Circle was named after David Glasgow Farragut who was an American Admiral. During the Civil War, he was the captor of New Orleans, and in 1862 was named Rear-Admiral and then just 2 years later, gained a signal victory at the historic battle of Mobile Bay over the Confederate fleet. He was the first person to hold the title of Admiral in the American navy in 1866.

While there has been nothing written to the contrary, it is thought that Decatur Road (also a part of Sutton Manor) was named after Stephen Decatur, Jr. He was born in 1779, became the youngest captain in the American navy at that time, after a series of heroic acts in the Barbary War against Tripoli. One such event was when he and his men stole into Tripoli Harbor at night to destroy the US frigate “Philadelphia” which had been captured by the enemy when it had run aground several months earlier in 1803, and was described by Lord Nelson as committing “the most bold and daring act of the age.” Stephen Decatur was known as being the first American hero not having fought in the American Revolution, and he was named Navy Commissioner from 1816 to 1820 where he resided in Washington, and made famous the after dinner toast of “Our Country!” He died at the early age of 41 after being shot in a duel by Commodore Barron.

So, Sutton Manor is a great place to live, just 35 minutes to New York City, the train station is close by, as well as great restaurants, a wonderful library, and 197 Farragut Circle is just one block away from Echo Bay and those wonderful sea breezes and glorious sunsets.

197 Farragut Circle is being offered at $975,000 and appointments can be made through the Larchmont office, or by contacting me.

Posted by:  Gay E. Rosen

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